amplification through digital media

We help brands, bands and businesses grow their audience and increase sales

We are committed to achieving your vision. We focus on data and deliver your objectives.

We’re a full service digital marketing agency that delivers success. Illicit Digital delivers a full suite of digital marketing services to ensure that we enable you to meet the goals of your business, brand or band.

We partner with you and get to the heart of the objectives you’ve set out to accomplish. Then we accelerate your online growth and increase your return from digital marketing.

There’s a world of digital agencies, but there’s very few like us.

We know it’s hard to choose an agency to work with. You want to trust people with the same industry leading standards as you who will go the extra mile to help you create significant and tangible success.

That’s why we deliberately stay small. That way we ensure that every campaign and client gets the level of attention and creative thinking that they require. We don’t do ‘one size fits all’ solutions because every client is different.

In addition, we create and grow our own online businesses which gives us a unique insight into the challenges of delivering creative and profitable solutions.

Cost neutral Digital Marketing – or “We’re worth our weight in gold!”

You want to generate more revenue and profit from your spend on digital marketing than you put in.

Whether we refine a display advertising campaign, improve website conversions or generate targeted traffic from content marketing we focus on ensuring that our campaigns make you more money.

We work with you to ensure that the results we deliver pay for themselves – a ‘cost neutral’ solution for you.

What We Do

Digital Strategy

Your digital strategy needs to be built on a solid foundation. It must encompass aims, plans and measurable outcomes and, above all must be designed to deliver ROI.

Music Marketing

With over 50 years combined experience in the music industry plus class leading digital marketing insights and abilities, your music marketing plan and execution is in safe hands.

Social Media

We understand social. There’s a place for every platform and our expertise ensures that you can engage your audience and maximise the earned, owned and paid social media return.

Content Marketing

Content marketing needs to attract, engage and retain potential customers by positioning you as the authority in your market. We can let you shine through focused and timely content.


If your website doesn’t appear in search results it’s like trying to build your business with one hand tied behind your back. Our Search Engine Optimisation plans deliver measurable and sustainable results.

PPC and Paid Media

Pay Per Click advertising brings highly targeted customers to your website. Retargeting hones in on each visitor in each part of their customer journey. You make more sales.

Email Marketing

Email consistently delivers the highest ROI of any digital channel. Driven by great content marketing, email can and should be an engine for the growth of your business.

Video Marketing

Video marketing plays a key part in music marketing. We know it inside out and have transferred what we’ve learned in music to video marketing for brands and businesses.


What Illicit Digital achieved for our album campaign was transformative. We came to them with no website and no mailing list after 20 years of record sales and touring. They dragged us in to the internet age. The result was that they were able to nearly fully fund our PledgeMusic campaign with just a single email to the fan mailing list they built for us from scratch."

Simon Bartholemew
The Brand New Heavies

Illicit Digital have built the Hot Creations YouTube channel into one of the key routes for fans to discover and listen to our music - in the process they've increased our subscribers and views by more than 150% with a direct effect on our sales. They are also nice folks and great to work with.”

Leon Oakey
Hot Creations Records

Illicit Digital ran a world class campaign for Tricky that delivered measurable returns and his biggest record in a long time. They managed all the digital marketing and paid media with the benefit of their years of music industry experience. For me the ability to swap horses and turn the wick up and down instantly with their smart advertising was a key to the great success of Tricky's album."

Phil Howells
K7 Records

We worked with Illicit Digital on two innovative campaigns. In one they helped to drive 20 million YouTube views working with a brand influencer and in the other they devised and executed a brilliant SEO and live social media campaign centred around a Superbowl commercial. Smart guys and they over deliver!"

Duncan King
AEI Media

We've engaged Illicit to work with several of our artists on a long term basis. They work alongside the artist, helping them deliver an authentic message but ramp it up with their shrewd social media, email and advertising wizardry and detailed forward planning. We use them because they always drive artist growth and sales."

Joel Sumerling
Notting Hill Music / Transmission