The Process

The process of how we can help grow your audience and sales will be different depending if you’re a band or a brand, but it can be essentially broken down into the following 6 steps:

1. Create a Marketing Plan – Defining goals and challenges before we start implementation. Profiling the ideal customer, where to find them online and how to attract them. Crucially, deciding how much to spend and in what areas for maximum return on investment.

2. Create & maintain a powerful website – We pride ourselves on making these easy to update and easy for customers or fans to use. It is fully responsive and optimised for good SEO.

3. Generate More Traffic – Through blogging (target audience focused articles and increased number of articles to be found generally increases website traffic by more than 50%). We do this through Social Media (building followings, sharing posts and engaging in conversations online), SEO (targeting keywords, optimising website for target keywords, creating keyword targeted content and building inbound links), and PPC (using all available pay-per-click methods to drive further quality interested traffic to website or social profiles & increase conversion against cost).

4. Convert Traffic into Leads – Using landing pages and unique offers (free content or discounts) to collect emails and/or followers. Using different offers for different fans/consumers at different stages of the fan or buying cycle.

5. Convert Leads into Sales – Careful and intuitive segmenting of leads & lead nurturing to develop engagement across all touchpoints, deepening the fan/customer relationship and leading to the desired goal.

6. Measure & Improve – Constant analysis of cost per lead, cost per fan/customer and metrics of lead to traffic and lead to customer can be linked to website and social profile insights to improve website content and social media posts, further refining the marketing plan for better results.