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Illicit Digital is a full service digital marketing agency that can bring a creative and results driven digital marketing strategy to your business or band.

We work with brands, bands and businesses across the entertainment and creative industries, e-commerce and B2B and B2C lead generation to deliver fully comprehensive strategies that increase your conversions, deliver measurable ROI and drive the growth of your business.

Our agency is split into six dedicated teams with advanced training and practical experience in driving leads, sales and profits for your business using their skills in Facebook advertising campaigns, Google Adwords management,  lead generation, eCommerce marketing and content marketing services. The sixth team focus on industry leading music marketing campaigns.

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Music Marketing Campaigns

As well as offering world class digital marketing services in our specialist disciplines, our full service approach allows us to tie our core skills to a powerful fully aligned digital strategy and online marketing campaigns so that we can offer a total digital marketing solution for your business.

That means we are also able to deliver world-class web design, search engine optimisation, social media marketing, email marketing, conversion optimisation, video marketing and anything in between.

Each of our teams has in depth experience and proven success in their core discipline and can draw on the specific knowledge of what has worked and is working for our existing clients and bring that data to bear instantly on your campaign.

On top of that, the interaction between our teams brings an added layer of insight and innovation that makes our marketing strategies stand out, deliver better results and drive your ROI.

We’re specialists, but we know that in order to make our core strategies as profitable for you as possible we need to be able to put all the pieces in place when necessary, so we have that covered.

Why Illicit Digital?

We sometimes get asked why our agency is called ‘Illicit Digital’.

Some clients think it might mean that we’re outlaws or some kind of ‘black hat’ outfit. (‘Black Hat’, in the online marketing world, is a term used to describe a marketing ‘hack’ that is frowned upon by the likes of Google – and, no, we don’t do those!)

Sorry to disappoint you, but it’s nothing that exciting!

Illicit Digital has grown out of previous incarnations of the ‘Illicit’ brand - first as a record label and later as an artist, producer and songwriter management company.

We’ve worked with artists in the music industry for more than 25 years in every role imaginable so we know the music world inside and out.

The name ‘Illicit’ is a rock ‘n’ roll hangover from those days.

We’re still a little unconventional, maybe even a touch cloak and dagger, and we’re definitely creative thinkers, but the only reason we’re likely to get banned is just because we’re so damn good…

And, if you’re here because you’ve heard about our music marketing services, then click the button below to learn more.

What happens if you take cutting edge marketing strategies from business and eCommerce and apply them to music marketing? Click below to find out.

Our Founders

Ian Clifford / Co-Founder

Originally a music lawyer, Ian has managed songwriters, producers and artists signed to a plethora of major labels, where his clients have had international hit records in many genres. As a label owner, he has run revered imprints such as Derrick Carter’s Classic Recordings and his own Illicit Recordings. He has also delivered No.1 records as both a label owner and manager.

More recently, he has worked at leading global management company Three Six Zero Group, working on campaigns for Deadmau5, Calvin Harris and Swedish House Mafia.

Ian also founded and continues to run the award-winning advice site for musicians, Make it in Music and speaks regularly at conferences on digital music marketing strategy.

For the last 10 years, he has worked in digital marketing both inside and outside the entertainment industry, gaining experience in driving e-commerce ROI, ranking client sites using SEO, increasing conversions with testing and optimisation, and driving growth, leads and sales with digital advertising and social media.

Now applying these digital skills for clients in the entertainment and creative industries, e-commerce and B2Band B2C lead generation as well as in the music business, he brings a breadth of experience from diverse sectors to bear on innovative and results driven campaigns for Illicit Digital’s clients.

Steve Travell / Co-Founder

Steve’s experience in the music industry spans more than three decades, starting out as a recording engineer at premier London recording studio ‘Townhouse’ where he worked on global hits for a host of 80’s icons. He later owned and ran Dada Studios, which was a hub for the early UK Progressive House Music scene with clients such as Chemical Brothers, Leftfield and Underworld.

In tandem, he carved a career as an artist, DJ and House Music Producer under several guises such as Bump, Spacefunk, and Pussy2000 and made more than one appearance in the Top 10 himself! He later ran and managed a number of independent dance music labels alongside Ian Clifford.

His extensive music production and music technology skills have also been harnessed through his lecturing at Point Blank, Alchemea and BIMM across a range of music production and music marketing courses.

It was in the music industry where Steve became an early adopter of all things web and digital. His lifetime of studio expertise allowed a seamless transition into the technical side of web development, social media and digital marketing. That was put to good use when he worked as the Creative Director of the first 24-hour Global, dance music web magazine and is now a critical component of Illicit Digital’s approach to delivering atypical results for our clients.

Click on the button below to set up a strategy call with us and together we can determine whether or not we are a good fit for you and your business.

Our Team

Our team of digital marketing specialists work in a unique fully remote environment and it takes a special kind of digital native to make the grade.

We work together as a distributed team with members all over the UK as well as experts in the US, Germany, France, India, Pakistan, Thailand, New Zealand and Australia (and hopefully more to come!).

Although we gather in a physical location when the need arises, our remote approach allows us to scour the globe for the best talent to serve our clients.

We're Hiring!

Our core team at Illicit is made up of dynamic, energetic and creative digital marketing professionals.

But…we’re always looking for world class Facebook and Google Ad managers, web designers and developers, WordPress fanatics, SEO Zen masters, content creators and writers, graphic designers, funnel planners and builders, landing page ninjas, and conversion optimisation geeks.

If you’re any of those and want to become part of our remote team and work for us and with an incredible team no matter where you are in the world, click on the link below and send us your details asap!

If you’re any of those and want to become part of our remote team and work for us and with an incredible team no matter where you are in the world, click on the link below and send us your details asap!

“We stay small so that we can be quick and nimble to ensure that we continue to deliver outstanding service to our clients, offering high quality bespoke services that ensure they make more money!”.  Ian Clifford, Founder

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