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We help artists and labels get their music on influential playlists that will increase your followers and grow the streams of your music.

Spotify Playlist Submission Services

Our Spotify playlist promotion service is different.

There’s plenty of Spotify promotion companies that will tell you they can get your music on Spotify playlists, but there’s not many that can deliver long term results.

We build a bespoke Spotify promotion service for every campaign that is tailored just to you and your music so that we can drive listener and follower growth that will last.

You don’t just want your music to be added to a few random playlists for a week or two and then dropped. You want your Spotify playlist promotion to see your music added to playlists that matter, that deliver followers who stick with you and you want your music to be on those playlists for as long as possible.

There’s only one way to achieve that.

You need a dedicated Spotify playlist placement team focused on finding the right Spotify curators and the right playlists specifically for your music.

Our Spotify Playlist Promotion Service

Here’s why our Spotify promotion for Artists is different.

Sure, we have relationships with upwards of 1800 Spotify playlist curators. That means we don’t just have them on our private database, but we actually communicate with them and monitor their playlist activity on a weekly basis – their Spotify playlist growth, what music they’re adding and how long they’re keeping it on their playlists.

But, far more importantly, (and where we differ from all our competitors), is that we take each client project and contact entirely new Spotify curators - just for you and your music.

We break down your music into genre, influence, soundalike, mood and context keywords and our researchers go out and find playlist curators who nobody else is targeting - just for your music.

When everybody else is just emailing and messaging the same database of Spotify playlist curators, this alternative approach is our secret sauce and it has an entirely different (and far better) success rate.

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We’re trusted by companies from small start ups right up to large international brands

We’re trusted by companies from small start ups right up to large international brands

Spotify Playlist Promotion Process

Our playlist promotion process isn’t just a Spotify playlist submission service.

We analyse your music and your existing fanbase so that we can research targeted playlists that are tailored to your music, your situation and your goals.

On top of that we support your listener and follower growth and report back with results.

Targeted Research

We undertake a detailed breakdown of your music into playlist genres, soundalikes, moods and contexts and then, after applying some proprietary magic, we match your tracks to our database of curators and then research a further untapped segment of curators uniquely suited to your music and who are not often pitched.

Multiple Tracks

We prefer to work with a selection of your tracks rather than one song at a time. Our experience tells us that working multiple tracks in a co-ordinated campaign allows us to try different pitches to different playlists and then leverage all wins across the board. We track the performance of all tracks across the campaign.

Algorithm Activation

Your playlist promotion campaign will be designed to maximise impact across multiple playlists so that the number and length of streams, follower and listener growth, song saves and private playlist adds will all combine to trigger Spotify’s algorithmic playlists such as ‘Discover Weekly’, ‘Release Radar’ and ‘Daily Mix’.

Data Tracking

We track your streams, monthly listeners, follower count and growth plus playlist adds and retention so that we can accurately determine the impact of your campaign.  We leverage this data to maximise the long term success of your campaign looking for sustainable follower growth as well as immediate streams.

Audience Growth

Your playlist promotion campaign is designed to activate an audience for your music as people discover you through playlists. Turning new listeners into fans happens when we work with your team making playlist wins feed into more playlist success and activation in other media, all working in concert to build your long term fanbase.

Detailed Reporting

Throughout your campaign we give you detailed reports of how all your tracks are performing, tracking streams, listeners and followers as well as playlist additions. We also aim to pass on as much pitch feedback on your music as possible and present new opportunities for further playlist or other media success from accurate data interpretation.

Digital Strategy

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Content Marketing

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Music Marketing

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Video Marketing

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Spotify Playlist Pitching

Our focus for our playlist placement service is primarily to get your music added on Spotify playlists.

There is some crossover with Apple Music, Deezer and Pandora (and even YouTube) where Spotify curators occasionally also operate playlists on those other platforms.

In addition, in our research, we do find curators on those other streaming platforms and add them to our databases.

But, our primary focus is on obtaining playlist additions for our clients on the most appropriate and effective Spotify playlists.

The way we pitch your music will depend on where you’re at in your career, whether you have had any prior success on Spotify, where your music fits and whether you need to focus on more playlist ‘adds’ or on maintaining listeners and sustaining your current level of streams.

There are several tiers of playlists.

From those run by music fans, which might have only a few thousand followers through to ones curated by individuals, music blogs or influencers who have developed a wider reach.

Then there are brand playlists usually run by the major labels under their own branding or more often on their private playlist companies (such as Filtr, Digster or Topsify) as well as those run by entertainment brands or lifestyle brands with an interest in music.

At the bottom of the funnel, and most sought after, are the playlists editorially curated by Spotify. Spotify playlist editors respond to pitches from record labels, playlist pitching services and use a lot of personal knowledge and artist data to add to and edit these playlists continuously.

These are the playlists with the largest followings but can range from smaller genre or mood focused playlists up to the industry leading genre standards. For example, in pop you can go from New Pop Revolution (150,000 followers) to Today’s Top Hits (23M and counting...).

Many of the leading and largest mood or context playlists are edited and curated by Spotify and they may have various sub-playlists that overlap in mood, but, in some cases, independent, brand or influencer playlisters might have mood playlists with huge followers that we can also target.

There are literally endless examples of this but a good one here is ‘roadtrip’ themed playlists where Spotify has editorial roadtrip sets that range from less than 100,000 followers to several with a few million, but some influencers have playlists that nearly match Spotify for follower count.

Ready to see if we can help get your music on these kind of playlists? Just click on the button below to submit your music to us and apply.

Spotify Algorithmic Playlists

Throughout that mix of playlists sit Spotify’s algorithmic playlists which are triggered by the way your music is received on Spotify. When your streams (and amount of time streamed), listeners and followers and additions to user curated playlists build sufficient momentum then your music will activate Spotify’s algorithm and see you added to these automatically generated playlists.

This can happen at any time and at any stage of your Spotify trajectory, but these algorithm driven additions are caused by real interaction with your music by Spotify users.

Playlists tailored to each Spotify user, such as ‘Discover Weekly’, ‘Daily Mix’, ‘Time Capsule’ and ‘Release Radar’ can be activated at any level of exposure, but our Spotify playlist placement will help increase the exposure of your music on these algorithmic playlists.

Playlist Promotion Service Campaigns

If you’re just starting out you need to start building a story around your music and your artist, so we’ll start with the ‘Curator playlists’ and move on to ‘Influencer playlists’. But, if you have already had some success at that level, we’ll dive deeper and pitch to brand playlists.

The truth is, it is exceptionally hard to get featured on the brand playlists operated by the major labels since they fill them with artists signed to their labels, but there are other brand playlist openings that we can target.

If you’ve been placed on Spotify Editorial playlists in the past then we will add those to our targeted pitching and, if you’re starting without any playlist activity or only from smaller curators, we’ll work to build a story so that the Spotify editors notice your traction and give you a shot.

Pitching to Spotify editors directly is something that we do in addition to using the pre-release playlist pitching tool inside your Spotify for Artists Dashboard.

Critically, we can approach Spotify editors for playlist additions at any time, even when a track has been released many months (or even years) in the past, whereas the pitch tool in your dashboard is solely for pre-release pitching.

Spotify’s Playlist Pitching Tool in Spotify For Artists

Every artist has access to a ‘Spotify for Artists’ dashboard that enables you to see all the data on your Spotify activity – real time stream counts, followers, playlist additions and much more.

Within this dashboard you can pitch direct to Spotify editors for placements on Spotify playlists – those edited by Spotify themselves.

This is clearly a fantastic resource and opportunity, but can only be used for pre-release music.

It’s an essential tool that every artist needs to use to maximise their chances of playlist additions, not least since using it guarantees appearing in the ‘Release Radar’ playlist of all your followers in the week of release.

If you are releasing new music during a campaign period working with us we will work with you to perfect your pitch through your dashboard.

Outside of release periods, our playlist promotion service will reach appropriate Spotify editors without use of the playlist pitch tool.

How Does Spotify Playlist Promotion Work?

The cost of our playlist promotion service is based on 3 month cycles during which we will work on a number of tracks simultaneously.

Since we don’t engage in buying placements or short term playlist additions, and because we undertake detailed research at the beginning of your campaign, we don’t usually expect the first playlist additions until 4-6 weeks into your campaign.

An additional 6-8 weeks is then needed to leverage initial placement success and work towards increasing momentum.

In many cases our clients appreciate that a longer period of 6 or 9 months will give additional scope to work more catalogue for longer to achieve better initial results and increase long term sustainable success.

You can choose a campaign period based on increments of 3 months which will determine how many tracks we can work during the campaign.

Break Out

Perfect first Spotify Campaign



  • Targeted Bespoke Research
  • Dedicated Personal Pitch Team
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Feedback
  • 3 Month Campaign
  • 100 + Playlists Pitched
  • 2 Tracks Pitched
  • Tracks from 2 Singles
Career Builder

Build long term streaming success



  • Targeted Bespoke Research
  • Dedicated Personal Pitch Team
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Feedback
  • 9 Month Campaign
  • 200 + Playlists Pitched
  • Up to 10 Tracks Pitched
  • Tracks from 5+ Singles
  • Tracks from 2 Albums
  • Campaign Breakdown Action Plan
  • In-Campaign Action Call

Does Playlist Promotion Work?

There’s something that Spotify playlist promotion companies don’t tell you.

Playlist promotion is not necessarily the best way to grow your streaming music success.

It’s a core strategy that every musician (DIY, indie or major label, with or without prior success) should be using to grow their fanbase and drive their career forward. That’s a fact.

But, real success on streaming platforms including Spotify comes from growing your listeners and your followers – turning people who discover you and your music into engaged and returning fans for the long term.

Does being added to playlists achieve that?

All too often being added to a few playlists causes a spike in listeners but not a corresponding growth in followers. If and when you drop off those playlists your streams drop down sharply and you discover that you haven’t added many real long term listeners, followers and fans.

Our playlist promotion service is designed to recognise this and we look to add you to more playlists on an ongoing basis to avoid sharp drops in streams.

We also focus on playlists that we know have a tendency to convert listeners to followers rather than going after ‘quick wins’. It’s also why we work in increments of three months so that we have time to build a solid foundation of the right playlists for you.

Spotify Playlisting Support

If you work with us on a playlist promotion campaign it’s important to realise you will not get the best results if it is done in isolation.

It is, in fact, critical that you (and your team if you’re lucky enough to have one) work with us to maximise and leverage your playlisting push.

This begins with taking a professional approach to your presence on Spotify, ensuring that your Spotify profile is verified and that you are using and responding to information you find in your Spotify for Artists dashboard.

You must be proactive in building a following on Spotify which means creating your own Artist playlists, driving fans to follow you on Spotify using the ‘Follow Button’ and by sharing links on your social media, where you need to be encouraging fans to save your songs, pre-save new releases and add you to their personal playlists.

Prior to and during your playlist promotion campaign you will need to engage with playlist curators who have added your music to their playlists by giving them a ‘shoutout’ on social media and bringing your fans to them.

However, the most important work, outside of the Spotify playlist submissions themselves, is in building a co-ordinated PR, radio, social media and marketing effort around your music that is being promoted to the playlists.

That means also pitching to influential blogs and magazines for coverage, driving Soundcloud plays where appropriate, working with YouTube influencer channels and seeking placements in TV and Movies wherever possible as well as looking to be included in branded retail music opportunities.

The more traction that you can create for your music outside of Spotify, and then communicate that with us, the more we can use those positive reactions to leverage more and better playlist adds for your tracks.

Of course, the same is true in reverse, and you need to work with the reporting we give you to leverage your Spotify success into success in other media.

If you have great music and you do your part, we will deliver Spotify playlist success. Guaranteed.

Digital Marketing Must Deliver ROI

We've been doing this a long time and we know what works and what doesn't.

You put your money into a digital marketing campaign and you want results. A real return on your investment. We get that, which is why we have a proven, time tested procedure that delivers results for our clients.

That’s why all our teams always work on measuring results and analysing the data from your campaigns with continual testing and optimisation so that we can achieve better results for you at a faster rate.

Higher conversion rates come from incremental testing of every element of your digital strategy, from your offer through page design, ad creatives and all the stages of your marketing funnel.

Our teams know how to look at each element to ensure a positive ROI for your campaigns.

The way to get this engine for your music career growth up and running is to first submit your music to us by clicking on the button below.

“At Spotify we really want you to win as a musician. We want you to win because your music is the best music.” – Daniel Ek

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