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If you’re looking to build an inspirational and irresistible employer brand to attract the best employees, we can help.

Effective Employer Branding

We get it; as a company you’re innovative, fast-paced, diverse, authentic and all the rest.

But have you ever thought about being original?

Look at your employee value proposition (EVP), your careers site and your brand guidelines, then look at some close competitors; how are you standing out from the crowd?

How often do you see identikit employer brand and recruitment marketing messaging?

Every day.

That’s probably because most agencies are working to the same brief, because they’re not asking the right questions, and because they are working to a proven, “one-size-fits-all” blueprint.

It’s not all their fault of course; if companies offers the same inputs, and agencies use the same machinery, of course you can only expect very similar outputs.

What is Your Employer Brand?

It's your story.

As long as employer brand teams keep accepting the same deliverables from “the experts”, then long will employers remain indistinguishable from one another.

But, there’s something missing from this process. The fact that it’s your story and you are the experts!

Nobody knows your employer brand like you do! You are the employers and the employees, who live it every day.

So, why would you even bring on an external agency to tell your story in the first place? (Seriously- ask yourself that question before you even contact us, it's crazy).

We're a bit different in that we really want to tell your story, in a way that’s not just unique in the market, but more importantly, unique to you.

That’s why we work extremely closely with you to dig deep into what truly makes you, well, you, without sugarcoating or using tired nomenclature.
We tailor your message in a creative, original, stand-out way that both inspires and educates not only passive candidates across every touchpoint, but your employees too!

Advocacy & Affinity Flywheel

The ultimate, blue-sky goal of an employer brand is to make everyone in the world think “I wish I worked there. More than anywhere else in the world”.

It is human nature to only believe things that are advocated by a third party. So, the more content that drives that validation, the more believable your message becomes.

This is why influencer marketing is so popular, and that's exactly how we treat employee advocacy.

Building employee advocacy drives brand affinity, and so the flywheel spins.

Because you've probably heard that employee advocacy is one of the most valuable weapons in your employer brand arsenal.

But how do you engage your employees to amplify your message? Well, it all starts with having a true, company culture and values that everyone lives and breathes.

If you feel like your company is full of people that love working there, the next parts are (relatively) easy, and that's where we come in.

Employer Branding Strategy

It is vital to realise that, the most important thing you can do to encourage employee advocacy is not the on-boarding of third party engagement tools, or setting up a reward schemes for ambassadors (although we're not against these steps) but it is by creating extremely good content.

Create content that your employees are PROUD to share, that bring out the narcissist in them, and makes them want to “show off”. It sounds a bit un-classy, but wake up, this is the world we live in now.

Where so many employers fall down is that they fail to translate the amazing things that happen in a company to an external audience.

Think about what has happened in your company during the last few weeks, and now think about how many people externally know that your company has done that?  

As well as laser-focusing primary research on your brand, we research others in the market to ensure you’re not getting caught up in the swamp of mediocrity, and that when people interact with your brand they are getting an engaging, original experience.

Of course, this all happens once passive candidates are “in the funnel, and most employers and agencies think of employer brand and recruitment marketing as the two main areas for talent attraction.

But they're missing a vital step right at the top of the funnel -  Recruitment Advertising.

Recruitment Advertising

Most employer brand content and campaigns focus on the 'conversation' part of the funnel – telling the brand story.

Well there is no point in telling a story to an empty room!

You need to create impactful, scroll-stopping, shareable content that starts the conversation! Will you have to be brave? Yes. Will you have to fight with PR and marketing? Probably. Will it work? Definitely.

We can help you bring passive candidates into the top of the funnel with attention-grabbing, conversation-starting content.

Ready to find out how we can make your employer branding stand out? Book a strategy call with us now.

Candidate Based Marketing

Of course, we also have to ask the question; who do we want to attract? A strong employer brand will drive interest and applications from everywhere.

But, do you often find yourself saying:

“It isn't the number, but the quality or relevance of applications that is the problem”

This is where CBM (candidate-based-marketing) comes into play. This is THE most valuable, time and cost-effective means of recruitment marketing.

You just have to dust off the vanity metrics and get down to the nitty gritty.

In its simplest form it is a two-pronged approach:

“Who do we want?, followed by, ‘Let’s get them!”

Now, it's not as easy as all that, because we have some courting to do. The process to follow is outlined below.

To learn more about how you can utilise CMB, book a consultation with us today.

We offer an end to end service, from consultation, EVP development, brand messaging, design, website build, content creation, recruitment marketing and advertising  through to candidate experience and internal communications. I

We work with you on developing a clear brief and objectives before we even start.

Our team of award-winning experts have worked with some of the world’ largest brands, positioning them as an employer of choice, and creating unique solutions for common hiring problems.

If you’re looking for support with any or all of the elements above, click below to set up your free consultation and see how we could bring your employer brand to life in a world of dead boring content.

Facebook Advertising

Find more customers, make more sales and grow your business by targeting your exact audience and your perfect buyer using Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Lead Generation

If you’re looking for a consistent and scalable flow of highly qualified and pre-sold leads at a fixed price per lead for your B2C or B2B business, we can help.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is the easiest, fastest and best tool your business can use to ensure your product or service is found when people are searching for that thing you do.

eCommerce Marketing

Our online advertising expertise and experience underpins our approach to helping you grow your e-Commerce brand online with proven organic and paid strategies.

We’re trusted by companies from small start ups right up to large international brands

We’re trusted by companies from small start ups right up to large international brands

Digital Marketing Must Deliver ROI

We've been doing this a long time and we know what works and what doesn't.

You put your money into a digital marketing campaign and you want results. A real return on your investment. We get that, which is why we have a proven, time tested procedure that delivers results for our clients.

That’s why all our teams always work on measuring results and analysing the data from your campaigns with continual testing and optimisation so that we can achieve better results for you at a faster rate.

Higher conversion rates come from incremental testing of every element of your digital strategy, from your offer through page design, ad creatives and all the stages of your marketing funnel.

Our teams know how to look at each element to ensure a positive ROI for your campaigns.

Ready to find out how we can make your employer branding stand out? Book a strategy call with us now.

“Marketing isn’t magic. There’s a science to it” – Dan Zarrella.

Hint: We’ve got the formula that unlocks the science….

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