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We help artists and labels grow real streams and followers on Spotify and Apple Music using targeted digital advertising.

Real Spotify Promotion

The challenge for every artist is to get discovered.

We use targeted digital marketing to place your music in front of exactly the right Spotify and Apple Music users who we know will like your music.

This gives you the power to control your own discovery.

And, once you reach people who respond to and engage with your music, it is a small step for them to become listeners and followers on Spotify (and other streaming platforms) and, ultimately lifelong fans.

This is real Spotify promotion.

Putting your music directly in the social feeds of your most likely listeners and letting your music sell itself.

Facebook Advertising

Find more customers, make more sales and grow your business by targeting your exact audience and your perfect buyer using Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Lead Generation

If you’re looking for a consistent and scalable flow of highly qualified and pre-sold leads at a fixed price per lead for your B2C or B2B business, we can help.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is the easiest, fastest and best tool your business can use to ensure your product or service is found when people are searching for that thing you do.

eCommerce Marketing

Our online advertising expertise and experience underpins our approach to helping you grow your e-Commerce brand online with proven organic and paid strategies.

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We’re trusted by companies from small start ups right up to large international brands

We’re trusted by companies from small start ups right up to large international brands

How to Get More Spotify Plays and Followers

If you’re like most artists or labels, you’re looking to increase Spotify plays of your music.

You’re looking for a Spotify promotion service that can deliver more streams of your tracks, and you’re smart enough to know that those plays need to be real, from authentic listeners who can be turned into fans.

But, you might think that getting your music on playlists is the only or the best way to get that result.

It’s partly true, and we do advocate aggressively promoting your music to playlists as one pillar of your music marketing. The weakness in that strategy is the difficulty you face in turning a playlist addition into real long term followers.

When you do find success on a playlist, it probably won’t last. Your plays are coming from being on that playlist and, all too often, you fail to have those listeners become followers. When you drop off the playlist, you discover that exposure didn’t turn those listeners into fans.

There are strategies to increase the number of playlist listeners who become followers (which we implement in our Spotify Playlist promotion service), but there are other music marketing methods which have long-term follower growth as their core aim.

Our Spotify streaming growth service is exactly that, a digital marketing strategy that concentrates on using in-depth demographic and psychographic targeting to power Facebook and Instagram advertising that will grow your followers and plays on Spotify (and Apple Music).

Grow Spotify Followers – Why It Matters

Being on a large and popular playlist can deliver a huge amount of streams for your music and a big splash of revenue.

It may also have other benefits such as the chance that you might get noticed for other media placements or by managers and record labels (if that’s your thing).

But when the people who listen to your music on playlists don’t become followers on Spotify you risk that moment of success being a one-off.

Most of those plays are coming from fans of the playlist. They aren’t your fans!

But when you engage a listener with your music and incentivise them to follow you on Spotify (or Apple Music), then they are on the way to becoming a lifelong fan. They will save your songs, add your tracks to their own personal playlists and choose to listen to you repeatedly time and time again, probably forever.

Of course, followers also get notified of new releases and will see you in their personalised algorithmic playlists such as Daily Mix and Release Radar, further driving plays.

It is this truth that makes growing your followers critically important.

Put simply, followers drive your regular streams and that powers your growth on the platform and the amount you can earn in streaming revenue.

This is how you find and grow real fans using a proven Spotify promotion strategy.

Digital Strategy

Your digital strategy needs to be built on a solid foundation. It must encompass aims, plans and measurable outcomes and, above all must be designed to deliver ROI.


If your website doesn’t appear in search results it’s like trying to build your business with one hand tied behind your back. Our Search Engine Optimisation plans deliver measurable and sustainable results.

Content Marketing

Content marketing needs to attract, engage and retain potential customers by positioning you as the authority in your market. We can let you shine through focused and timely content.

Music Marketing

With over 50 years combined experience in the music industry plus class leading digital marketing insights and abilities, your music marketing plan and execution is in safe hands.

Web Design

Whether you need a full website build, a design tweak or a custom feature, we’ve got you covered. Everything from landing pages or custom tools through to full eCommerce sites.

Video Marketing

Video marketing plays a key part in music marketing. We know it inside out and have transferred what we’ve learned in music to video marketing for brands and businesses.

How Does the Spotify Growth Service Work?

Here’s how it works.

We analyse your music and your exiting fanbase (if any) to create a targeted pool of potential future fans.

We work with you to create video content or use existing videos that you already have, and we build a sequential campaign of video ads on Facebook and Instagram that are designed to move people to Spotify or Apple Music as seamlessly as possible.

We use your music as the advert, so people get to hear you before they click.

This strategy is designed to make the people you target take ownership of their discovery of your music. We then convert casual listeners into followers that have actively chosen to follow your profile. These people become much more likely to regularly listen to your music. In other words, they become a fan.

Facebook and Instagram advertising are so powerful that when you know how to target people that you know will like your music you can guarantee that ad spend will deliver follower growth on Spotify and Apple Music.

This growth in the number of your followers is the key to long term scalable growth and reliable streaming revenue from your music. This will, in turn, see you getting added to countless private user playlists which solidifies your position in their music collection. And the increase in streams, song saves and private playlist adds will all help to trigger Spotify algorithmic playlist activity.

A further fanbase boosting bonus is that this campaign will also grow your following on Instagram and Facebook exponentially with these new found fans having an in-depth connection with you and your music.

The streaming growth campaign can be targeted to one track, several, or to an artist catalogue (or playlist) as required. The music can be brand new or can have been released decades ago. For the people who discover your music through your ad campaign, your music will be new to them.

The number of tracks and the time elapsed since release of the music makes no difference to the success of the campaign.

Buy Spotify Plays? Is That What This Is?

Categorically, no.

Paying to get followers or streams on Spotify is a very bad idea that is very likely to see your artist account closed and your music removed.

When you use our streaming growth service you are not paying to buy Spotify plays.

Quite the opposite.

You are investing your ad spend to attract people who haven’t heard your music but who the data you have collected tells you are most likely to like what you do.

That part is pure data science.

Then it’s up to us to make your advertising speak to that targeted audience and compel them to click through having heard your music and to then follow you.

That part is the magic.

But, crucially, you will acquire real targeted and engaged followers who will play your music and become committed fans. Nothing we do uses bots or fake fans. This is 100% real music marketing to real music lovers.

How Does Spotify Streaming Growth Work?

The cost of our Spotify streaming growth service is a monthly fee starting from £1000 per month, plus your actual ad spend.

As a DIY or Indie musician looking to grow from a low starting base we recommend that you allow for a minimum monthly ad spend of £500 to allow for significant growth in your follower numbers.

As a more established artist or with label backing, your options range from that same approach to running an ongoing campaign with several £1,000’s per month in ad spend on an ongoing basis.

Whilst we encourage our clients to avoid obsessing about the numbers of new followers, and instead to focus on building a real and engaged fanbase, a monthly ad spend of £500 will attract between 100 and 1,000 new followers per month. Larger ad spends will see commensurately faster and larger follower growth.

All of these will be people who are genuinely interested in your music and can be expected to play your music and engage with you for the long term.

The variance in the expected rate of growth depends on your music, your genre, existing fanbase and the effectiveness of your video content and ads.

We strive to deliver the best possible growth for our clients while maintaining a focus on acquiring fans who will follow you long term and be actively engaged with you, your music and your career.

Our preference is to run your ad campaigns within your ad account rather than our own. This has the benefit to you of total transparency of ad spend and results.

Of course, you will own the ads we create with you and, after a period of testing and refinement, individual ads in these campaigns can be left largely running on autopilot for some time, subject to ongoing monitoring. You may need to periodically refresh your ad creative, but equally you may choose to take on the ad management yourself after our initial campaign set up and optimisation. You are free to do so.

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Spotify Growth Service - vs - Playlist Promotion Service

Running this streaming growth ad campaign to generate direct engaged followers and plays works extremely well in tandem with our Spotify playlist promotion service.

The aims of the two campaigns differ, but there is clear overlap, and as such, one campaign supports the other.

We can advise on the best approach to apply for your particular needs after hearing your music and after talking through your options on an initial fact finding call.

The best way to see what we can do for you is to apply by clicking the button below.

Spotify Growth at Scale

In certain circumstances it is possible to run a streaming growth campaign that comes near to, or does breaks even, or even produces a profit where all the costs of the campaign are covered by the revenue generated from Spotify royalties.

This is highly dependent on the nature of the artist, the genre of the music and the commercial viability of the song or catalogue /’as well as the availability of very high quality music videos and whether the artist is open to taking an aggressive marketing approach.

Equally, a sustained long-term campaign aimed at introducing a large number of potential fans to your music can result in building followers and then monthly listeners to a level that provides a very healthy monthly streaming revenue.

We will discuss how appropriate we feel whether of these expert level approaches are to your situation if we feel they can be delivered.

Digital Marketing Must Deliver ROI

We've been doing this a long time and we know what works and what doesn't.

You put your money into a digital marketing campaign and you want results. A real return on your investment. We get that, which is why we have a proven, time tested procedure that delivers results for our clients.

That’s why all our teams always work on measuring results and analysing the data from your campaigns with continual testing and optimisation so that we can achieve better results for you at a faster rate.

Higher conversion rates come from incremental testing of every element of your digital strategy, from your offer through page design, ad creatives and all the stages of your marketing funnel.

Our teams know how to look at each element to ensure a positive ROI for your campaigns.

The way to get this engine for your music career growth up and running is to first submit your music to us by clicking on the button below.

““Knowledge is power. As the music industry keeps evolving, we want everyone to have access to as many resources as possible.” – Jen Masset, Spotify

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