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How Can You Increase Your eCommerce Sales?

Every eCommerce business is focused on growing sales, because you want to build a bigger, better business.

You’re looking at every possible source of buyers and are focused on spending less to acquire new customers than those customers will deliver in sales revenue.

The thing is, it’s actually really simple to grow the sales on your eCommerce site whilst doing so in a scalable and sustainable way.

And there’s only three things that move the needle.

All you have to do is understand your numbers and strategically and methodically improve them.

That means you must get more visitors (traffic), increase the number of them who buy from you (conversion rate) and increase the amount that they spend (average order value).

It’s a simple formula – and it’s all that matters.

Why You Need to Advertise your eCommerce Site

It’s not just about using advertising to attract your next customer, find more of them, and get them to spend more, but advertising is the single fastest and most predictable thing that you can do.

There’s a whole host of other eCommerce marketing strategies and services that we provide, all of which will make ongoing and incremental improvements to your eCommerce success.

The eCommerce Sales Funnel

But advertising works in every stage of your customer’s journey as they move down your funnel.

And, if you can build an eCommerce business that turns £1 in £5 (or a lot more) every time you spend your marketing budget on advertising, why wouldn’t you go all in?

That’s why adversing is critical to the growth of your eCommerce brand. You can consistently turn your advertising spend into profit by sending highly qualified traffic to your site and driving more conversions using our proven strategies.

We can help you turn every $1 you spend into $5 of revenue using online eCommerce advertising. Or better...

Our eCommerce Advertising Campaign Process

We help eCommerce businesses build massive success and generate rapid growth and profit by using intelligent advertising.

If you are focused on growth for your eCommerce businesses and have already proven your product-market fit then you are ready to scale and drive massive growth when you apply our strategy.

Our approach begins with Facebook advertising that allows us to reach your most likely customers at vast scale, and we’ll add other advertising platforms as you grow.

Your advertising will drive clicks and traffic, but we’re obsessed with ROI, performance and growth – we deliver that with our proven blueprint.
Here’s how advertising drives eCommerce growth.


Brand Awareness

We find your ideal customer and serve them the most relevant compelling content using demographic data and messaging in their own language and send them to your website ready to buy.



Based on the behaviour of your target customer we nurture your relationship with them using sequenced content from first contact through initial sale to repeat customer.



We increase the amount of targeted visitors that reach your website and then become buyers by using our proven tactics which deliver a higher conversion rate and larger average order value.


Customer Loyalty

We will maximise the opportunity of a newly converted customer with upsells and cross sells that keep them coming back to repeat purchase and drive customer retention, loyalty and advocacy.

PPC Audit

We’ll conduct an audit of your current PPC campaigns looking at all the available data to identify improvements and platform options.

Business Research

It’s not enough to say we’ll run your campaigns. We’ll work with you to understand your business, your offer and your goals.

Effective Ads

Uninspired and untested ad creative will be a thing of the past. We’ll bring great copy, images and effective calls to action to all your campaigns.

Ad Optimisation

We don’t set and forget your PPC campaigns. We’ll continually track, test and optimise across all platforms for continual improvement and ROI.


Retargeting your existing customers, site visitors and social followers is a key part of all our campaigns creating omnipresence for your offer

Detailed Reporting

We continuously monitor all your PPC campaigns so that you get detailed reporting on ad spend, traffic, leads, conversions & sales.

We can help you build a bigger and better eCommerce business. Talk to us today.

eCommerce Advertising Campaign Management

We specialise in finding the best way to reach your ideal customer using Facebook and Instagram advertising but also across all other relevant ad platforms so that we can deliver more sales with a scalable, positive ROI.

We’ll start with a deep dive into your business so that we can bring laser focus to your targeting and put together winning creative. Then we’ll monitor and test it all until we deliver the results you’re after.

Our goal is to build and manage ad campaigns that bring in so many sales that you have to ask us to stop (just long enough to regroup for the next phase of your growth!).

All our eCommerce advertising campaigns are built on these fundamentals.

PPC Audit

We’ll conduct an audit of your current eCommerce advertising campaigns looking at all the available data to identify your best customers, ad campaign improvements and ad platform options.

Business Research

We’ll work with you to understand your business, your products, your offers and your goals. We’ll benchmark that against research into your market and your competitors to find you the winning edge.

Effective Ads

Uninspired and untested ad creative will be a thing of the past. We’ll bring great copy, images and effective calls to action to all your eCommerce campaigns with ongoing testing and refining of your message and positioning.

Ad Optimisation

We don’t just set and forget your eCommerce advertising campaigns. We’ll continually track, test and optimise across all platforms for continual improvement and ROI to maximise effective use of your advertising budget.


We will track the behaviour of your customers and site visitors and retarget them at key stages of their brand awareness journey. Your advertising will reach them when they are most likely to buy or buy again as a repeat customer.

Detailed Reporting

Detailed Reporting – We continuously monitor all your eCommerce campaigns so that you get detailed reporting on ad spend, traffic and sales. We drill down to find the best performing campaigns and creative and show you exact ROAS down to ad level.

Illicit Digital – eCommerce Advertising Experts

We’re a digital marketing agency that have developed class leading expertise in managing eCommerce advertising campaigns to drive sales and growth for online eCommerce brands and stores.

If you’ve been managing your eCommerce marketing and advertising in-house or have been working with an agency but haven’t seen a predictable and consistent positive ROI then we can help.

Our team have been creating campaigns, managing ad creative and targeting and improving conversions for a range of eCommerce clients with sustained success and they will do the same for you.

We can find you new customers, increase their average spend in your store, bring back returning customers to increase repeat sales and improve the ongoing success of your eCommerce store.

If you’re ready to unleash a wave of eCommerce sales with hyper targeted advertising, arrange your free, no obligation, strategy call now.

Additional eCommerce Marketing Services

Our eCommerce marketing services don’t just start and finish with advertising campaign management.

We’ve stressed how important advertising is for any eCommerce store that’s looking to scale and succeed, but there are other channels and strategies that will also bring strong improvements.

Conversion Optimisation

We can guarantee that there are split test driven changes that you can make to your eCommerce website that will increase your conversion rates. There’s literally hundreds of little fixes that can add up to massive gains.

Search Engine Optimisation

A thorough eCommerce SEO strategy will deliver targeted ‘ready to buy’ search traffic to your site. Keyword research, competitor evaluation, site architecture analysis, on-page optimisation and a technical SEO audit will supercharge your sales.

Social Media Marketing

Using paid social media doesn’t mean you should ignore organic social on relevant platforms. Robust brand awareness and product led posting across Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook and more will reward time and effort invested.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing can introduce your eCommerce brand and products to entire new demographics. The seal of approval from a leading authority or celebrity can be immensely powerful but any brand alignment also requires skill and care.

Email Marketing

Email marketing might be the oldest trick in the book but ignore it at your peril. Every customer whose email you collect at checkout is your best next buyer and smart but aggressive email marketing can add massively to your bottom line.

Content Marketing

Content weaves throughout all your eCommerce marketing efforts from brilliant product photos to brand origin stories and ‘behind the scenes’ manufacturing transparency, but content can also be a further source of targeted buyer traffic.

Video Marketing

eCommerce brands can no longer ignore the power of video. Whether you use video on your product pages or across your Facebook and Instagram ads it has a unique ability to showcase your products to your target market and drive them to buy.

Product Photography

If the images of your products are weak then your sales will suffer. We have a world-class in-house commercial photographer who specialises in making your products look as good as possible so that you can maximize your sales.

We can help you turn every $1 you spend into $5 of revenue using online eCommerce advertising. Or better...

Google Shopping for eCommerce Brands

For some eCommerce businesses, Google Shopping is becoming a ‘must-use’ advertising option with very high conversion rates and ROI.

Google Shopping Ads are still relatively new and often underused by your competition and since they allow your eCommerce store to have your products and product photos appear in search results, you’ll see how powerful that can be.

All too often we hear that eCommerce businesses haven’t seen the value in Google Shopping ads, but this is usually due to poor implementation. These ads appear in search results and more than half drive clicks based on non-brand terms and those clicks have a very strong purchase intent.

Google Shopping isn’t usually where we start with your eCommerce advertising campaigns but when we understand your customer in depth we can add them to the mix and deliver extremely high ROI.

eCommerce Advertising Campaign Management Packages

Our eCommerce advertising management services start from £2500 per month plus a one-off on-board fee from £1500.

We don’t charge a percentage of Ad spend since that could incentivize us to spend more than you need and we’re about improving your sales and increasing your ROI, not wasting your budget.

In specific circumstances we can offer eCommerce clients an advertising management package that is based on a revenue share of increased sales delivered by our managed campaigns (so get on a call to see if that could be right for you).

In other words, the more additional revenue we make for your business, the more we make – we get paid for our results.

If you’re selling products in an eCommerce store and are hungry for growth and profit, we can help.

The first step is to book your free, no obligation, strategy call by clicking the button below.

"Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time." - Henry Ford

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