Tricky Case Study
We started working with Tricky 6 months before the release of his False Idols album, at which point, he had many key online outposts that were in need of TLC or complete set up. In line with the branding of the album, we built a new website, rebranded all of his social media profiles and set out to drive traffic to his website, increase YouTube likes, views, Facebook likes, and other social media profiles.

As a core part of our strategy, we have directed a lot of traffic to his site on a regular and consistent basis and have grown all his channels very significantly since we took over at the end of February as detailed below:

YouTube Subscriptions – 6280% Increase (from 250 to 15,952)
YouTube Views – 3700% Increase (from 50,000 to 1,900,000)
Facebook Likes – 68% Increase (from 104,000 to 172,000)
Twitter Followers – 181% Increase (from 3,814 to 10,700)
Mailing List – 100% Increase (from 0 to 26,000)

We are driving these people to his site on a daily basis. We can do the same for you.
As a result, more albums and gig tickets were sold than before and we can now engage his fans very directly through email and Facebook. His following grows every day, bringing more and more people into the email list and all the social profiles.


Walking Def Case Study

Ninja Tune came to us because they were made aware that a track by Walking Def was going to be used in a Superbowl advert in two days time. As this was the first single by a brand new artist, with no digital presence, Ninja Tune wanted to capture as much traffic as possible.

During the two days leading up to the Superbowl, we took Walking Def from 163 Facebook likes to over 4000. We liaised with the digital marketing team for the brand to maximize the spread of exposure for our client. We also did live Tweets and Facebook posts during the event in order to maximize exposure.

Over the 48 hour period we achieved the following:
• Added over 3250 likes
• 95% of content clicks converted to Facebook likes
• Ranked their search term in Google to number 1

Over the following 10 weeks we saw an average of 40-50 visitors a day searching for information on the track online. This approach was very different but shows how much we can achieve despite tough time constraints.

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